Brand New Manifold Gauge Set Air Conditioning Tool Set R134A with case

  • $79.00

This AirConditioning Manifold Gauge Set can be used to fill and evacuate automotiveair conditioning systems test. This manifold gauge set tests car air conditioning systems using R12,R134A, R22,R410a , by comparing the "low side" and "high side"pressure reading to the vehicle
manufacturer's A/C system



Quick-Connect Color-Codedr134a Fittings/Adapters

High Pressure Safety Valve

Sight Glass

Color Coding On Gauges, Valves And Hoses

Blue Gauge: Low Side-2 1/2"Diameter-0 To 220 PSI

Blue Hose: 1/4"Fflx4.9'Long With Knurled Fittings And TwistValve With Quick Disconnect

Red Gauge: High Side-2 1/2" Diameter -0 To 500 PSI

Color hose :90cm


Packing dimensions

39cm x 30cm x 8cm

Product weight

1.7 kgs