Brand New Oil free Air Quiet Compressor

  • $239.00

This oil free direct drive air compressor is great for sorting those smaller DIY jobs like spraying, blasting, nailing, stapling or polishing. It has an automated on/off control switch and comes fitted with a relief valve for safety.

Mounted on two heavy duty wheels, it’s great for getting around the garage or even outside. The unit is easy to maintain with external air filters; handy when you need to change them.

Ultra Quiet
Oil Free
Fast Cooling
Pressure Gauge
Relief Valve


Match power: 750W
Air receiver: 30 litres
Rotating Speed: 1380r/min
Nominal volume flow: 60L/min, 2.12cfm
Rated exhaust pressure: 0.7MPa= 7 Bar= 7kg
Dimensions: 50x24.5x53 cm
Weight: 19.50kg