Bathroom Handle Safety Grab Bars Non Slip Foldable Assistance Bars White

Bathroom Handle Safety Grab Bars Non Slip Foldable Assistance Bars White

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Security grab bar design for elderly, seniors, disabled, bariatric, to help them standing up. if you install this hand rails equipment at bedside, it also could help getting into and out of bed.

bathroom toilet handicap safety grab bar rails with flip-up and fold down design, great for small bathrooms and space efficient. Provide the most reliable home care safety closely.

Safety Home Care Aid
Fold down to assist the user or Swing up to store in the limited space. Pay attention to the people who you love, guard their safe ,suitable for family bathrooms toilets. bathroom hand rails is perfect for a tiled wall

Outstanding Durable
The bathroom grab bar is strong enough to support, have a weight capacity , make the rail sturdy for any user.

Easy Installation
Easy to mount and use. Specialized mount beside the toilet, the handle is solid to fold up and down with heavy duty wall plate, will not accidentally fall down to cause the impact injury.

Material: stainless steel and ABS

Max Loading Bearing: 200 kg

size: 60cm

colour: yellow

Package Included: 1 x Folding Toilet Grab bar

Usage method:
1.Pick up the nozzle, and insert into the nozzle socket of the face steamer, then you can arbitrarily adjust the angle.
Prepare a cotton pad.
3.Tear the cotton pad into small pieces.
4.Drop two or three drops of essential oil onto the cotton piece
5. Put the cotton into the aroma tank, and then cover with a transparent fragrance.
6. Use herbal spray, the herbal bag directly into the herbal network cup.
7. Add an appropriate amount of water to the fill port of the instrument.
(Note: Do not exceed the maximum water level, more than the water line may be leaking, the water level is low, the instrument will not start work)
8. Turn on the power and turn the switch on.
9. Heating for about 2 minutes, there will be steam jet (general replenishment: 10 minutes; deep cleaning: 15 minutes)
10. Start to enjoy the facial SPA.
11. Just use the finished cotton or kits discarded.
12. Turn off the power switch and unplug the power cord after use.

1, The water must not add essential oils and herbal and other impurities (not clean water will affect the normal work of the machine).
2,If the hot water spray cup no water or the water level is too low, do not boot, otherwise it will automatically alarm and power.
3, Do not upside down, tilt the instrument, when you use the time.
4, The machine can not be used if there is not water in the water box, and can not splash the water plug and switch panel.
5, The water tank should always change the water before changing the water to ensure that the machine is not in the state (long time do not keep the water tank when not).
6, If the tank is dirty, with a few drops of white vinegar to add water to the mouth, soak overnight, and drained the water next day.
7, Children, pregnant women - Do not use.
8, Do not extend the power cord or add additional plug.

Material: Plastic
Color: White
Sizes: 20 x 8 x 14.5cm
Power rating: 370W
Rated voltage: AC 220V
Rated frequency: 50HZ

Package includes:
1 x Whitening steam surface instrument.