Brand New 200 W LED Flood Light IP 65 waterproof

  • $30.00


1.High Power efficiency: > 93%, low power loss <7%
2.1200W replacement, use only 200W.
3.Dispersion 120 degree Beam angle
4.For security and recessed lights, indoor and outdoor!
5.Light appearance: ,5200k nature white,
Max Brightness: >20000 lumens
6.Brand New Sealed
7.Lifespan: 30000hours
8.Warranty: 2years
9.Quality Guarantee! SAA(Standards Association of Australian) Approvals.
10.Dimensions: 150*285*235mm
11.IP65 waterproof.
12.Shell Material: High Strength Aluminum Alloy
13.Cover Material: High Strength Glass
14.Fixture color: Gray
15 Input voltage: 200-240V
* excludes a NZ three pin plug.