Cassava grinder Stainless Steel Taro wet grinder

  • $469.00

800kg/h Stainless Steel commercial sweet potato cassava Taro wet grinder Starch pulping refiner extractor separator feed crusher

This machine is mainly used to crush tubers, such as: Potato、Sweet potato、Lotus root、Pueraria lobata、Yam、cassava、Taro、Canna edulis、etc. Used to make healthy starch after crushing, filtering and drying. It can also be used to crush some fruits and garlic、onion、ginger、etc. We have both paint type machine and stainless steel type machine, please choose according to your needs, Thanks.

This is the machine come with motor
Capacity: 800kg/h
Motor Speed: 2800 rpm
Use: Wet Crusher
come with motor