Vacuum Sealer Bags 500x28cm 4 Rolls Food Saver

  • $25.00

This auction for 4 rolles vaccum bag

That's 20 metres in total of vacuum sealer bags that will last you for many uses! It is made of a durable plastic textured on one side that is reusable and dishwasher safe. Food grade makes it perfect for storing left-overs or preserving that perfect casserole. Create any size bag you need to help keep food hygienic, fresh and delicious for longer. Suitable for use with most Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Systems.


* Compatible with Most Food Saver Vacuum Sealer System
* Strong and Durable
* Textured On One Side
* Keeps Food Hygienic, Fresh and Delicious
* Food Grade
* Reusable
* Create the Bag Length You Desire


* Condition: Brand new
* Material: Plastic
* Colour: Transparent
* Size (L x W): approx. 500 x 28 cm per roll
* Quantity: 4 rolls
* Weight: 0.8kg


4 x Vacuum Sealer Bags