Professional Heavy Duty shearing clipper 6 Speed 350W

  • $139.00

1) Strengthened nylon body 
2) Powerful and super quiet motor 
3) Will not overheat with cooling device for continuous working 
4) Blade pressure adjustment with rotatable button 
5) Removable in-take filter 
6) Suitable for sheep 
7) Accessories: screw driver, clean brush 
8) 6 speed rolling controller 
9) NZ stand household plug with 3 meters cable 

Technical parameters: 
Voltage: AC 240V/50Hz 
Power : 350W 
Cutting speed of blade: 2400rpm 
Width of blade: 76mm 
Body length : 34cm 
Warranty : 12 months 
N.W.: 2.3kgs 

Package includes: 
1 Shearing machine with Shearing Head 
1 Pair of Shearing Blades 
1 Special Screwdriver 
1 Cleaning Brush 
1 Set of Operation Instructions 
1 Plastic case