Facial Steamer *4 in 1*Home Facial Sauna

  • $33.00


Activate the hydrophilic factor and replenish water in skin 
Promote the regeneration of collagen, reduce hair cracks and restore delicate and smooth skin 
Soften the cuticle and improve the absorbency of skin to absorb enough nutrition 
Remove metal deposits and weaken pigmented spots so as to maintain your fair complexion face 
Kill skin bacteria and suppress acne, restore the inherent qualities of your skin 
Product Details 

Material: ABS 
Color:Pink or Blue (color will be random) 
Voltage: AC110V / 220V 
Power: 100W 
Water Volume: 40ml 
Note: needs an adapter 
Short URL for Sharing: http://goo.gl/lgYEb 

Package Contents 

1 x Facial Steamer 
1 x Measurement Cup 
1 x Scent Tray 
1 x Nose Steamer 

Weight: 700g 
Dimensions: 228cm x 20.2cm x 19.2 cm 

For oil skin: 
Suggest time: 10-15mins 
For dry skin: 
Suggest time 8-12mins 
For sensitive skin: 
Suggest time: maximum 10mins