Home Fitness Gym Station Power Tower Knee Raiser STEEL BLACK COLOR

  • $179.00

It has arm and shoulder pads help to keep you balanced while the strong compact design and steel construction is tough enough to withstand up to 120kg. Get in shape today easily and effortlessly with the Vertical Knee Raiser! 

(L x W x H) 131cm x 116cm x 206cm approx 
Weight Capacity 120kg approx 
Material Steel Construction 
Package Weight 37kg 
Package Dimensions 
(L x W x H) 132cm x 50cm x 16cm approx 
Burn Weight Quickly and Easily 
Strengthens Upper and Lower Body Muscles 
Tighten over Core Muscles for a Full Body Workout 
Tone Your Arms, Shoulders, Chest and Back 
Exercise Inner and Outer Thighs, As Well as Abs and Obliques 
Padded Arm and Back Rests 
Weight Capacity of up to 120kgs 
Strong Steel Construction 
Chin-Up Bar 
Padded Handlebars 
Easy to Assemble