Pop up Tent with Carry Bag Easy Set up Great for Camp 2-3 people

  • $40.00

Quick set up tent-we install automatic mechanism on top of this tent,you only need 1 minute to lift it up or take down with one person.

Good ventilation-There are 2 door which means there is front and back entrance on this tent,This provides air to circulate when needed, and a view to the outside,we also equiped 2 poles to set up the front entrance as a canopy.

Entry level tent for fair weather -It's great for festival,backyard camping or beach vacation,The entry points have about 4 inches of material off the ground which is nice to keep sand out on the beach.

Size after open: 200*150*120 cm
Fit for 2-3 people
Made of integrated fiberglass pole systems
lowest -5°C comfortable 5-10°C