Tile Height Adjuster Tile Locator Auxiliary Tool Wall Leveling System

  • $9.90

Product details

Item model number ‏ : ‎ Standard
Max lift Weight : ‏ 500 kg
Material: steel
Folding range: 16-82mm
Package included: 1x tile height adjuster

Product description
Material: steel plate thickness: 1.4mm maximum load: 500kg folding range: 16-82mm usage: ceramic tile installation and allocation features: - small size, easy to absorb, easy to carry. - free adjustment, easy operation, can saves= time and effort. - product performance, breakthrough the traditional way of construction, the wall brick of solving benchmark metope ceramic tile of adjustment, the support problem, and clean up the leg with ceramic tile brick can't finalize the design support, pry up the adhesion problem such as damage to the waterproof layer.