TV Wall Mount Tv 4 Arms Bracket 32-65 Inch Bench Top Free Stand

  • $55.00

This type of stand enables you to 'hang' your TV in a similar way to using a TV wall mount. But, it allows much more flexibility when it comes to perfectly positioning the screen - or even moving it completely.

As an alternative to a wall mounted television, mount TV stands were also developed. These are essentially a traditional TV stand with an incorporated bracket giving a similar look to a wall mounted TV.


- universal design

- Designed specifically for NZ walls.

- TV size :40-65 ' screen

- Universal adjustable angle LCD wall mount (bracket )

- Condition: Brand New

- Colour:Black

- Material:Solid heavy-gauge Cold-rolled Steel

- Finishing:Powder Coating

- Glass base size: 52*28cm

- Adjustable height: 4 set from 40-67cm

- Max weight :40kg