Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 120w Motor Handheld High Suction Portable Cleaner

  • $55.00

Wireless Charging Vacuum Cleaner, 120w Motor Household Handheld High Suction Portable Cleaning, Easily Clean Corners, Perfect for Cleaning Floors and Cars

Wireless handheld vacuum cleaner , with strong suction power, can be used for both household and automotive purposes, and is long-lasting and durable.

With its powerful suction, it can easily handle any part of the home, cleaning sofas, pet hair, and cars.

The durable power supply supports a 120W motor, which is effective and fast, has durable suction, does not decay, and does not heat. High altitude single handed labor-saving cleaning reduces the volume and weight of the motor and iron core, making cleaning more labor-saving
It can easily clean dead corners, and the open design is hairless. Wood, carpet, and tile flooring can easily clean the entire room. The rod cannot retract.

Clean without dead corners, can clean the bottom of furniture, has a long battery life, and can clean the entire house once. Vacuum multifunctional household car, free cleaning, wireless portable dual-purpose household car.